‘My Parents are Muslim, But i don’t Practice Islam Because of my Makeup’ – Bobrisky



Bobrisky has said Practicing Islam is very difficult and stressful for him, because of his makeup, So he prefer being a christian because its stress free and doesn’t required Five types daily ablution

Tell me five things people don’t know about you?

I am a Muslim but love going to church. My parents are Muslims. I love fashion, looking good. When a guy is too fine, people tend to believe he is gay. People wonder how a guy has time to apply cream or make-up. I am a very clean guy. People think I am the female gay and that is where the gay thing came from. I am also God-fearing.

You said you are a Muslim but love going to church, does that imply that you are not a practicing Muslim?

I am not a practicing Muslim. I started going to church as an undergraduate. My room-mate was one of the executives of the Christian Fellowship. So I got fascinated and usually joined them to pray. I know prayer works and do that daily. If I have to be a practicing Muslim, I will have to do ablution five times a day and apply make-up after each ablution and that will be very stressful.

Do you have a Christian name?
My Muslim name is Idris. I don’t really have a Christian name. But I use ‘’Olanrewaju’’ as cover. By this, people will not know if I am a Christian or a Muslim.



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