Sharp Guy! See how this cool guy got a proud girl number… Nobody can do this in Nigeria (+Photo)



How this cool guy got a proud girl number – Wow!!! Guys and gentlemen over here. A guy just showed you how to get that lady’s phone number! And it’s quite simple actually.

This is Topo Ngidi, a lovely lady from Botswana.

A guy tried to get her number, you know, the way guys to do.

And she said no.

You know what the guy did? It will shock you..

Read below


How many of you can do this?

As if thats not enough, The Young man walked into his Audi RS5 Sport car and zoomed off


The Girl is still suffering from the Shock.. Babes, Say NO to Forming. Your Toaster might just shock you like this..

Do you think any Naija guy can do this? – Drop your Comments.


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