4 Kinds of S*x Everyone Must Have at Least Once


The way you feel about yourself, your partner, or even life situations can change your level of sensual pleasure.


Did you know that your state of mind has an effect on the kind of s*x you have? The way you feel about yourself, your partner, or even life situations can change your level of sensual pleasure and you need to take advantage of this.
1. Angry s*x: Anger is a very strong emotion, so is horniness. It is very possible to be mad at someone while also being turned on by them. Do not hold the arousal part back. Just because they piss you off does not mean you should not get yours. Channel that anger and have the roughest, intense s*x ever.

2. Make-up s*x: So you broke up but are considering getting back together? Make-up s*x is hot because it feels like you are having s*x with the person for the first time, add to that, this person already knows what turns you on. How is that not the perfect blend? So how about you break up with your partner only to reignite the s*x again?

3. Boredom s*x: Imagine being at home with your partner and bored. You have nothing else to do and then you decide to get n*ked and grind. This kind of s*x is hot because it is a kind of lazy s*x, purely for entertainment. You have no pressure to perform, you simply want to pass the time so things go lazy, slow, gently, steady… you get the idea.

4. ‘It’s been a while’ s*x: Experts have advised that if you are bored of your s*x life, you should consider taking a break so you can rebuild that anticipation then get back in the sack.
Do you remember how it felt to crave s*x? Every single part of your body is hot, ready and in complete desire for another n*ked body against yours. You literally yearn for it. Imagine prolonging that feeling and then finally getting it. It is the sweetest thing to get what you want after desiring it for so long. So, here’s your assignment; You and your partner, go on a s*x break. No Ma5turbation, no oral s*x, nothing s*xual.
Then get back together and tell me you did not just have the best s*x of your life.


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