Pr0stitute Stabs Customer 10 Times in Lagos for Trying to Charm Her During S*x


A man was almost stabbed to death with a broken bottle after a disagreement ensued between him and a Pr0stitute in the Island area of Lagos.


A commercial s*x worker has been arrested by the police at Ikoyi Division in Lagos, western Nigeria, for allegedly stabbing a male customer, according to P.M news.

The suspect, Cynthia Edo, 27, allegedly stabbed Mr Kola Ayinla about ten places all over his body with broken bottle for allegedly attempting to harm her with a charm during a s*x bout at a local hotel in Ikoyi.

In the ensuing commotion, the hotel management sent a distress call to the DPO in charge of Ikoyi Division, SP Tijani Mustapha to come to their aid. Mustapha immediately despatched a team led by SGT Ijatuyi Tope to the hotel to arrest the combatants and bring them to the station.

The police arrested Edo at the scene with broken bottles and took her to the station, while the victim was rushed to the hospital where doctors are currently battling to save his life. During investigation, the suspect allegedly confessed to stabbing her customer with broken bottle for allegedly attempting to harm her with a charm while they were having s*x.

She allegedly told the police: “On 10 February, 2016, the complainant came to my hustling joint at Rumen Avenue area of Ikoyi, Lagos to approach me for ’till day break’ (TDB) s*x contract.

“I agreed and charged him a fee of N20,000. He paid me and we lodged at a hotel at Ikoyi, Lagos to have the s*x.

“While the s*x was going on, I noticed that my customer attempted to bring out something like charm from his pocket to harm me.

“I quickly sprang up from the bed to confront my customer about what he was trying to bring out from his pocket, and in the process, an argument broke out which soon degenerated to a fight during which I broke a bottle and used it to defend myself.”

But police investigation absolved the victim of being in possession of any charm or harmful object on that day. In his alleged statement to the police on his hospital bed, the victim allegedly said: “I actually approached Edo for S3x at Rumen Avenue, Ikoyi, Lagos and paid her the sum of N20,000 for the till day break agreement.

“I was surprised that after one round of S3x, Edo sprang up from the bed to tell me that the N20,000 I paid her had expired and that I would pay another N20,000.

“And an argument broke out between us, and before I knew what was happening, Edo broke an empty bottle of beer and started stabbing me all over my body, with blood gushing out from all parts of my body.”

But Cynthia Edo allegedly denied that money caused their fight in the hotel.
Meanwhile, Edo has been charged to court where she was granted bail after pleading not guilty.


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