4 tips for young couples



The first advice I would probably give you is not to listen to anyone that will tell you, ‘It will faze. It will end soon.’ Or ‘Enjoy it while it lasts.’ Yes, the honeymoon period usually fazes out but there are some things that you should not give up on or take for granted after you settle into marriage. When you do that, it is the start to everything else that leads to other things that make your relationship fail.

Do not take your commitment to each other for granted

Don’t let it be only one of you trying to keep things alive, trying to make things work or the fact that they are with you. If they are putting in that effort, then you should too. Don’t say that we are now married and all of that is useless. It is not useless because it reminds your partner that you are there for them as much as they are there for you. That way, it keeps them from being tempted or helps them avoid temptation when it is set before them. The moment a partner feels you are no longer interested, they also give up and that is when things start to unfold.

Don’t forget the things that you used to do together that brought you further together

Trust me, kids do get in the way and it will reach a point especially after the first child is brought at home that the focus completely shifts. You will excuse it with, the baby needs that care. Before you know it, the second is here and now you cannot manage it. Things have just drifted apart between the two of you. Post-partum depression in some cases may cause the wife not to even want to see the husband. A man needs to be understanding and more reassuring to the wife at this time. If you snub it, it is the start of the other things. Stay close by even if it is just through contact through the child. That will remind her about your caring side.

Don’t forget to be understanding

Marriage will change attitudes and what you thought you knew will take a drastic shift. Empathy from both sides is really important in order for you to keep you relationship working. Understand her as a wife and as a girlfriend. Understand him as a boyfriend and as a husband. Don’t think that they are no longer a boyfriend or a girlfriend.

Support is important

In work, housework, decisions, or whatever else comes up. Be understanding and be supportive. Not supportive in the stupidity though.


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