3 Simple Signs He Only Wants S*x From You



Are you afraid of being used and dumped? Here are simple tips to know if a man is coming to you just for the s*x.

Before going into a relationship, make sure your man or woman is worth your love and not there to play you like ball. Here simple tips to know if he is coming to you just for the s*x as shared via News24.
1. I love you, but just like a girlfriend and not a wife.
This one is the most common. You might be everything that your man likes and would love to have in a relationship but not enough for him to make a life with you. Mostly happens with trophy girlfriends, side chicks and the ‘oops’ baby mothers. He does not mind sharing moments with you but when it is time to get serious; you are not good enough for him to present to the mother or family.
The man loves you but in his way he is never going to commit to you. The worst part is when that particular woman continues sticking around hoping that he will change his mind up until he presents his wife and eventually moves on to marry her. If he already had a wife, she will stick around hoping he divorces her and moves in with her. You are just girlfriend material but not wife material; especially if he already has children with his wife.
2. I value more in a relationship and you are not giving me that.
The usual line is, ‘It is not you but it is me.’ At times for most women while getting into relationships think that they have perfected the art of loving. Most of you are actually clueless in that category. Most of our generations don’t know what a relationship entails, what goes into it, how to act and what to give and not give and how to reciprocate. So they go in on a high horse; get a good guy but when they are dumped they get a shocker because they think they were doing fine.
The worst part is there is no one to teach you, most mothers reared us single so you really have no idea of marriage, dating or relationships and you keep losing. The same man who said he was not ready to settle down with you is settling with some woman who does not make sense to you and neither does she have the same of all you brought to the table.
Simple answer: She gave him the value that he was looking for in a relationship. It varies from man to man. That is what you tap on. If after all of your dating life you have never identified what your men wanted or needed; then there is your answer.
By the way, do not cheat yourself that all those women you see glossed up in the limelight and in good relationships as well do not do their amount of bending over. People step on screen, radio and articles and lie to you on what they cannot do; if you only knew what they do at home to make their relationships work; you would slap yourself silly because you were following them blindly.
3. You just have some of those habits that I can’t spend the rest of my life dealing with.
He might not be committed to anyone else but to you; but you are definitely sure he is dodging the lifetime commitment to you.  As much as a man knows he is not faultless neither is he perfect; he is always going to look for the equivalent of a woman that is almost equivalent to that. He will not come out and tell you that I hate this about you or I need you to change this about you. He will just write you off as someone he cannot spend the rest of his life with.
If you have such a man and I know you know if you do; look for someone that will accept you the way you are. Otherwise, chances are one of you will spend the rest of your relationship trying to change the other person or resentment will eventually brew because they are trying to make you into what you are not and in order to avoid all these; most men just don’t put up with these options. They basically look for a woman who does not have the habits they cannot hack and learn to love her no matter how much he loved you. He will teach himself to lose those feelings.


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